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The motivation

In life, we need to rembember a lot of stuff like lessons at school or at work, rules (e.g. rules of the road), languages, etc. During learning, usually we need to assort and organise our study, find the best ways to learn fast and easy.
So we decided to help ourselves with it by making a study organiser and memorizer programme.

Basic features

>> Create, save and load topics, subtopics, contents
>> Contets available: text, images, sound and video files
>> 2 kind of memory check.
First: You can generate questions and answers in a topic and make a test for yourself that you can do any time.
Second: You can choose a part of a lesson, then try typing it by head. The programme can help you with that by showing the firs letters or words of the lines.

Also the project is extendable later on.

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